Architect, Project Integration Specialist, Owner's Representative


An Architect with a vast amount of experience implementing project integration, collaboration and owner representation. We’re story tellers, visionaries, strategic thinkers, and designers with a unique understanding of construction delivery. We see beyond traditional industry silos to the connections between buildings, systems, strategies and human performance. We’re problem solvers and innovative thinkers.


We partner with our clients to improve performance and foster growth. We apply project-specific design, and thoughtful architectural solutions, to address the issues of stakeholders, staff, Boards, Committees, culture, systems, buildings and environments. We align people with process and place to drive efficiency and fuel growth. We collaborate with a network of skilled industry specialists, and we create cost responsible sustainable solutions that emerge from the collaboration of all Team members, within the Context of People, Program, and Place.


We leverage the expertise of our clients, strategic partners and user stakeholders for each unique project. We bring together the expertise required to address each specific project need. We are big picture thinkers with an eye for detail. We have planned, designed, and managed projects across the country. We have a proficiency for getting to the heart of the issues that can successfully be addressed through planning, design, and construction. OR NOT. Sometimes the best idea is not to build, and the solutions to your issues are elsewhere. We help you understand this too.