Owner Representation

Cox Group Architects is your agent and advocate as you plan, design, build, and occupy your facilities.  We guide you through a collaborative team approach from concept to occupancy.  As experienced design and construction professionals, we advocate for you, and proactively manage your project to minimize risks, identify problems and eliminate surprises, to ensure design intent, quality, schedule accuracy, and Total Project Budget oversight. 

CGA provides you with an independent expert to keep the project team focused on your project, and your needs. We are big picture thinkers and project strategists, managing all phases of the project. 

Pre-Design / Professional Procurement Phase

· Expertise to navigate and implement public procurement rules

· Identify the best Project Delivery Method for you project

· Suggest contract form and content to benefit you as the Owner

· Establishes the communication plan

· Help establish the initial Total Concept Budget

· Assist you in communicating with its management, staff, community, and news media

· Helps develop the energy use performance criteria

· Help outline initial Master Schedule

· Assist with the selection of the Design Team

· Assist with the selection of the Construction Team

· Assist with Negotiations and Contracts

· Assist with the development of the initial Space Program

· Assist with the development of the initial Project Scope 

· Assist with Funding requirements

Design Phase

· Oversight to ensure design addresses your needs

· Advises you of options and alternatives

· Oversite of the Concept Design and the Detailed Design

· Monitor Constructability of design

· Recommend Cost-trading options

· Oversite to ensure design matches the budget available 

· Assist with ongoing design and cost reviews

· Assist with Board updates

· Assist with City and County Governments updates

· Assist with Community updates

· Review/recommend AE payment requests and contract modifications

· Oversite of the preparation of the bid documents

Bid Phase

· Assist with preparation of bid documents and solicitations

· Facilitate pre‐bid conferences  

· Assist with selection of Trade Subcontractors

Construction Phase

· Project Administration

· Review and monitor construction schedule and budget

· Set up document control system

· Coordinate and attend project meetings

· Track submittals

· Recommend Project Collaboration Software to maintain records

· Prepare monthly reports

· Review contractor payment requests

· Review compliance with labor standards

· Review testing 

· Project Change Management

· Assist with identification of appropriate changes in scope

· Assist with validating impact of changes  

· Manage documentation of changes 

· Monitor Contractor's as‐built drawings

· Assist with dispute resolution  

· Insure contractor compliance with safety plan

· Project Closeout and Warranty Phase

· Project Closeout

· Moving and Startup Assistance

· Warranty Services

Photo image: Milwaukee Crime Lab Proposal