Educational Facility Solutions


Educational Facility Solutions is a division of Cox Group Architects LLC, providing professional educational facility planning and consulting services. We advance forward thinking ideas and best practices for 21st Century K-12 learning environments. We have planned and designed hundreds of spaces for learning throughout the country, and offer a unique balance between your creative, business, and educational priorities; ensuring the successful integration  of educational goals with facility solutions tailored to your district.

A distinct advantage of Educational Facility Solutions is our unique ability to lead, prioritize, and facilitate the complex building processes, project teams, and political environments often involved with the creation of educational facilities. We integrate the combined talents of your District with our particular strengths early in the process. This early collaboration allows us to create together, a set of shared goals, outcomes and expectations…meaning we are working toward the same successful result from the very beginning.

The methods required to best serve each project varies widely and is personalized for each school district. By facilitating an integrated process that links educational goals with facility solutions, EFS crafts a clear path forward for the project team, and a Master Plan direction for the school and community.

Board, Administration, Staff, and Community Consensus is achieved through a combination of interactive work sessions, Focus Groups, World Café Events, tours, research, surveys, interviews, individual and group conferences, and community engagement discussions. National planning standards are referenced and incorporated with local guidelines.



Educational Planning and Master Planning Services

We have a broad understanding of the issues and concerns facing educators. Our long-range planning process provides a road map for integrating facility improvements with available funds and builds a broad sense of ownership that result in increased community support during referendum. Our planning principles include: project based collaborative learning models, technology integration and accessibility, respect for education as a profession, respect for the environment and natural resources, compatibility with existing architecture and place, and the flexibility and adaptability necessary for 21st Century learning. 

Multi-Building Campus and Facility Evaluation

We assist our clients in evaluating the useful life of their existing facilities to house effective education programs. These assessments determine whether a facility should be renovated, repurposed, or whether new construction is the best solution. This includes Capacity and Utilization analysis, demographic research, educational equity evaluations, and educational program assessment.

Facility Assessment 

A facility assessment can help a district evaluate whether the building is worth renovating. Existing facilities are evaluated to pinpoint areas needing attention for safety, health and code compliance. Facility evaluation also includes building review for conformity with regulations, analysis of maintenance and operations, and evaluation of parking, vehicular access and safety.

Facility Use and Design Concepts

We have designed hundreds of K-12 education facilities including both public and private/parochial schools. Solutions are crafted through an integrated, collaborative process that encourages the free flow of ideas between all stakeholders and team members. Good Design is: innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, long lasting, thorough, sustainable, and - as little design as possible.

Referendum Leadership and Facilitation

In today's competitive economy, it takes innovative planning to convey to voters the need for capital improvements. We have developed many resources and services that districts can utilize to prepare a successful bond referendum campaign. The vast majority of our referendums have passed on the first ballot, utilizing our process.



Pre-Design & Educational Facility Planning Services 

Visioning & Board Facilitation of Project Need

Educational Specifications & Research

Site Selection

Community Engagement

Space Programming & Organizational Strategy Diagrams

Master Planning

Conceptual Facility Design Solutions

Sustainable Design Performance Criteria – LEED Performance Criteria

Use options & planning strategies for existing facilities

Assisting with Team selection and other consultants

Developing web-based project communication 

Existing Facility Assessments 

Educational Adequacy 

Capacity & Utilization Assessments

Enrollment Projections and Community Demographics

Equity among/between Facilities

Compliance with local, state, or national School Planning Guidelines

Compliance with Educational Specifications

Design and Construction Phase Services 

Owner’s Representative

Peer review of facility design and document review

Sustainable Design review

FF&E and Systems Integration

Post Construction Services 

Educational Adequacy of Design

Post-Occupancy Evaluations of Facility Design and Sustainable Strategies

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