Everything is Connected. Design Connects Everything.

The design of your building impacts your life and the lives of everyone using the building in ways both subtle and overt. From large-scale planning decisions to the details of construction, every aspect of the building has an influence over your life. Great design is more than good aesthetics. You truly appreciate the design of buildings and objects once you start using them.

For CGA, the look of a thing, the touch of a thing, the use of a thing, and lifecycle of a thing, are all Design. 

The following quotes have a profound influence on the design philosophy of Cox Group Architects.

“form and function are one” – Frank Lloyd Wright

“take your pleasures seriously” – Charles Eames

“My aim is to omit everything superfluous so that the essential is shown to the best possible advantage.” 

– Dieter Rams

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is the strategy of designing and constructing buildings to integrate the principles of social, economic, and ecological responsibility.

The most effective way to address these issues is through a collaborative, and integrated design approach that engages all the major stakeholders from the beginning. This integrated approach begins with an agreed upon performance standards, LEED design metrics, and Client specific requirements that considers a balance of cost, design, function, and construct-ability, while meeting the mission and function of any new capital project investment.

A successful project is one where sustainability goals are identified early on and monitored during the design process; where the interdependence of these systems are understood by all Team members and coordinated from the planning and programming phase, and continuing throughout the life of the project design and construction.

Everything is Connected. Design Connects Everything.    

Image: Alberici Corporate Headquarters

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